Jesper Fabricius

Forlaget Space Poetry
Ahlefeldtsgade 24, 3.
1359 København K
+45 33 15 30 81
+45 23 48 93 33

28th biennial of graphic arts, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2009

My show "Heroes of the Sexual Revolution" is made of small cut-out
portraits of people from Danish porn magazines from the seventies. All
these portraits of anonymous people will be placed in Capsule Gallery in a
long row. The liberation of picture pornography in Denmark 1969 was a part
of the sexual revolution in North America and Europe. The invention of the
pill moved events in this direction together with the rise of hippie
culture. It became a revolt against bourgeois hypocrisy and sexual
suppression. Part of the hippie movement went political in the seventies,
like RAF in West Germany and Brigate Rosso in Italy. They also had their
heroes. I think these movements are all rooted in older utopian ideas from
the beginning of the century like the Esperanto movement, the vegetarians,
the German Freikörper culture (nudists) etc. Communism/Marxism was such an
utopian movement. The whole modern or modernist world is built on these
ideas. Our minds are Modernism and that language is the house we live in.